What is libido pop?

Libido means sex drive, it is the drive that leads someone to their desire. In this case it is used metaphorically, meaning that Objet de Plaisir’s music is the direct musical fulfilment of desire. In other words, Objet de Plaisir is not trying to make some “intelligent” music, nor to be anything special, but to be just pleasant. Objet de Plaisir is Theodor W. Adorno’s nemesis (as he hated mass culture and popular music on max level). It doesn’t mean that Objet de Plaisir is simple music – it can be very complex – but it is music that is meant to be listened to and to be enjoyed. That’s what libido pop is all about. It’s not fun, it’s pleasure.


It all began in 1998, when I discovered that I liked 80s music a lot more than most of the music that was new at that time. I began to compose some 80s style music most influenced by my favourite group back then: Indochine. I called my music project Illumination at first. But a year later I discovered that the name was already in use, so I continued under his own artist name, Myrddin B. Triguel, until my father had the idea to name the project after one of the first songs composed for it: Objet de Plaisir. At that time I played together with two friend who disbanded later. Until 2005 a few demo records were made. In 2003 I discovered Italo Disco and became a great fan of this music. In 2005 I posted two songs of mine in some Italo Disco forums. End of 2005 I had the idea for Fyra as I listened more and more also to metal and classical music. In 2006 I discovered Eurobeat and started another project: Anthony McBazooka. I had the idea that only few people listened to 80s music so I focused more on the other two projects. Still I composed some songs for Objet de Plaisir from time to time. I was proven wrong when one of the two songs I posted in 2005, Yo te quiero, went viral. Some people uploaded it to youtube, claiming it’s a song from 1984. Remixes were made, and the songs even has been played in a Mexican discotheque (sorry for the poor audio quality). It was such an awesome feeling to watch these people dancing and partying to this song that I decided to fully revive the project and make an album.


The title of the album will be Not Yet Available and the release date will be announced here. There is also a first single, Time Runs Away, which is released since 1st July 2015. You can order it here. The two songs from 2005, Yo te quiero and we only see ourselves, will be featured on the album as completely new recorded versions.

I’m also planning to do concerts. The dates will be released on this website as soon as possible.